So, what’s the story?

5 Lamps is a locally brewed beer. Our roots are planted firmly in a vibrant, authentic, and real place that loves language and wit. A place that raises an eyebrow (and a pint glass) when it hears a load of bull, and says ‘ah here’. Our beer is crisp, great tasting – and distinctive, like where it’s from. Have it with friends. Have it with colleagues. Have it in an old boozer or a new spot. Have it in a glass that has ‘I will yeah’ written on the side.

Ah here, have it whatever way you want, it’s your beer.

5 Lamps – the beer from ah here

Our Products

Our product range includes
Lager, Pale Ale, Red Ale and Stout.

Tour Our

The Five Lamps Dublin Brewery in The Camden is where William Harvey, our Master Brewer, brings visitors through the brewing process as well as a beer tasting of the full Five Lamps range. If you are interested in booking a brewery tour for a group of 8+ people, contact